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When you support us, you support the survivors of abuse/assault as well as the remarkable team of providers who care for them on a daily basis. Through our partnership with the forensic team at Inova's Ewing FACT (Forensic Assessment and Consultation Team) Department we are able to ensure that all funds raised go directly to assist with their varying needs. From the moment a survivor walks into the FACT Department they are met with compassion and understanding as the provider completes their forensic examination and helps them navigate the next steps post traumatic event. Being able to provide the best level of care comes at a cost that often times is not adequately covered. This is where we are able to step in and provide funding for areas of greatest need. 

FACT's Current Needs

Image by EJ Li
Image by Anita Austvika
Image by Anita Austvika

Additional staffing

Currently, with 3 full-time, 4 part-time and 5 PRNs (essentially "on-call" staff) there is a great need to bring on more providers. Due to staffing shortages the Cornwall Location (Loudoun County) is not currently staffed 24/7 - it would cost approximately $115,000/ year to have a full-time nurse at Cornwall- long term goal is to get this location staffed full time to ensure patients are not having to travel to other locations for exams - they can be seen locally and know support is never too far away.

Image by Katie Azi

Patient Assistance

This is a broad category of need, but one that is so vital - from meals for a patient during their 3–5-hour exam ($50) to Lyft rides to ensure patients are able to get to and from appointments/medications/safe places ($250/ 5 rides) to covering the cost of essential HIV medications ($2500) - this area of need is always growing as the number of cases increases.

 Equipment Maintenance

The FACT Department uses Cortexflo technology during the examination process. There are so many amazing benefits to this technology and how it allows the providers to complete their exams more efficiently and as non-intimidating as possible {especially for children}. However, having the best technology comes at a cost - one camera costs ~ $20,000-25,000 and the maintenance is ~$10,000-$15,000/year.


Team Resiliency

Describe the itthe weight the FACT nurses/doctors carry on a daily basis is often hard to fully grasp as they go from one trauma to another. Vicarious trauma {secondary trauma} is a real concern/issue and has only become worse in recent years. The increase in both case load and severity has led to an increase in burnout and low morale. We have been able to provide funding for team building events/group outings this year and hope to continue that into 2023. We understand how much mental health matters and giving this wonderful team opportunities to get together outside of work is vital. $500 easily covers a team outing/get together.

Professional development 

Often times continuing education/professional development opportunities are not part of the budget, thus becoming a personal expense for an individual. Being able to help fund opportunities for the team to attend seminars/conferences that will grow their skill sets and allow them to provide even better care is essential to the department continuing to be one of the best in the nation.
$1,000 can provide the forensic nurses with a variety of professional development opportunities.

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